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Product & Services

Aneeta - Sashless Windows

Aneeta Sashless Windows are an innovative and aesthetic solution suitable for all building environments.

Unobtrusive and minimalist, Aneeta Windows complement your design landscape.

Aneeta Windows opens with one easy motion to provide perfect rotational ventilation.

Two panes of glass which overlap when opening or closing, the simplicity and sleek look define why the windows are referred to as “sashless”.

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Grab Bar Systems - Mobility Products

Grab Bar Systems (GBS) are made of the highest quality of aluminium alloy inner-core, ABS and PVC.

GBS series of products are equipped with anti-biosis, anti-sepsis and anti-bacterial qualities which are impact resistant and fireproof.

Our Grab Bar Systems are widely adopted and applied in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, HIP and SA projects, and the new two-room flexi apartments.

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Restoration - Cast Iron & Aluminum

As one of the leading restorers of wrought iron gates, railings & fencing, our finished products are made of superior quality and we also have an impeccable track record.

Available in multitudes of designs, styles and finishing as we offer customized restoration services based on your specific needs and requirements

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Sankei Net - Luxury Insect Screen

Sankei Luxury Screens are made of polypropylene developed with advanced cutting edge technology from Japan.

Sankei Luxury Screen is a high density mesh, twice the mesh density and half the yarn diameter compared to other screens.

Providing better air flow, better transparency and higher level of insect protection compared to other screens.


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SuperClick - Luxury Vinyl Floorings

Super-Click™ Luxury Vinyl Tiles has a unique click system which is UK patented.

Manufactured to the highest standards, Super-Click™ does not require any glue or adhesive. It is highly water and fire resistant, durable and also easy to install.

With its superior locking strength of more than double compared to traditional vinyl flooring, it is suitable for both residential and commercial purposes.

It is a certified Green product by the Singapore Green Building Council.

100% Reusable, Recyclable & Re-clickable!


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Multigril & Unigril – Drain Gratings

Multigril and Unigril gratings are widely used and tested in Singapore since 1984.

Priced competitively against mild steel gratings, our gratings provide strong features such as anti-rust, superb noise reduction and the ability to withstand heavy loads.

Our gratings are able to withstand weather changes, where no/little discoloration is observable. It is suitable for use around corrosive environments such as near the seaside as well and is designed to withstand the stress load from vehicular traffic up to 5 tonnes.

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