Drain Grating

Mulitgirl & Unigril are priced competitively against mild steel grating, will not rust, especially when used around corrosive environments, and also designed to withstand the stress load from vehicular traffic.

Multigril Nylon Reinforced Fibreglass Heavy Duty Grating: The only cover and grill anti-shock in resin thermoplastics with T-beam structure, able to withstand vehicular loading 12 tons per axis.

Ungril Nylon Reinforced Series & Light Duty in Anti-Shock PVC Grating: This range of grating is mainly for areas where there is constant human or light vehicular loading it complements with our other PVC products including sump covers, drain well box, etc.

Mulitgirl & Unigril have been widely used and tested in Singapore since 1994. It is very presentable and requires the least maintenance.

ABS GRATING is carefully designed to combine the strength of materials and
injection mounded to its highest quality and performance as to prolong product’s lifespan.

It could withstand 3058N (312 kg) for 2 pieces as tested by Singapore Productivity and Standards Board.

A single bar mounded with bolts and nuts on each side to be joined by fitting to one another. It could be formed to any kind of designs by adjustable the angle of jointing which gives a round corner, 45° joint, 90° joint and straight run.